A Note from the 2018 Youth Conservation Educational Expo

by: Marlon Clapham

Youth Conservational Educational Expo has come and gone. The weather held out all day, no rain or heavy winds. We had a good turnout as far as kids. And once again the MBA shooting booth drew a lot of attention. As the kids work their way around the more than thirty booths they once again return to our booth to shoot the bows. We gave away the youth bow donated from MBEF, It went to a young lady, Kiley age 11. The MBA also drew four kids to attend the Youth Bowhunter Camp, two girls and two guys. They were very excited to get the chance to go to our camp.

I want to thank the Members from the Bitterroot who showed up to help with the booth. The entire Doyle family Jerry, Beckie, Jackie and Wyatt. Keri and Hyme Anderson and Hunter Eden all put in their time with Merri and I running the booth helping the kids shoot the bows.

Thank you all so much.

MBA President
Marlon Clapham