Our archery season is still under threat! SB 111, introduced by Senator Brad Molnar SD-28 out of Laurel, was tables by House Representatives on the Human Services Committee. BUT... Senator Molnar is now trying to revive his bill by adding a late amendment which does nothing to fix the problems this bad bill fails to address. Let the Representatives that sit on the House Human Services Committee know that MBA is devoted to providing those with a disability, a legal means to pursue hunting with a modified bow and arrow during Montana’s treasured Archery-Only season. Go to mtba.org/take-action to sign the petition and message the committee on this important issue.

The Big 5

Written by: Brian Koelzer My sense of excitement mixed with a dash of disbelief slowly gave away to an almost zen state of calm as I watched the massive old brute of a whitetail we’d named “The Big 5” lumber my way. I’d hung the stand I was in the year previous after seeing him get bumped out of his usual willow/swamp grass bedding area and use this funnel as an escape route. Being only the second day, I’d…

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The most fun I have had in a season yet

My 2010 season was a great one, getting great footage for our decoy (Be the Decoy). Having early success lead to having plenty of time to take my son out for some whitetails from our box blind. Him being 3 years old I didn’t think it would be very productive. The first night out was with his mother and I. Mom was trying to find a good buck. First deer we saw caused a near explosion in the blind…

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The Rest of the Related Story

by Paul Martin It was the morning of Sept. 27, 2006 at that same favorite hunting spot in region 1 but this hunt I was on my own, it had been numerous years since I’d been here and only a mile or so up the trail with gaining light as I crossed a small spring I could see the canine like tracks in the mudded areas, sign I am not happy to see . Further up the trail and…

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Almost Wolf Bait!

If some of you recall last year’s hunting story, here in region 1, about the evidence on  the bull I took last year of being confronted by predators.  In that story because of not seeing or hearing them howl that I didn’t write of at least two animals running in on us from behind seconds after the bull crashed, and leaving as fast as they came in from catching our scent.  I would be willing to bet the ranch it…

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