After much thought and deep concerns for the satiety for everyone, we the board have made the decision to cancel the MBA 2020 Convention. The board will be making arrangements on how to proceed with the auction items and other donations. Anyone who has already purchased their banquet tickets and made room reservations will need to call Fairmont to cancel their room reservations. We will be in touch with those who purchased banquet tickets to make arrangements for a refund. Claudia will be in touch for those arrangements. Everyone will receive their election ballots in the mail that will have to be returned to our Helena address in the envelope we provide. As your president I am deeply sorry for this cancellation of the 2020 banquet. The Billings crew put a lot of hard work in putting it together. I will have updates as we organize our thoughts. SO VERY SORRY for this bad news.

Almost Wolf Bait!

If some of you recall last year’s hunting story, here in region 1, about the evidence on  the bull I took last year of being confronted by predators.  In that story because of not seeing or hearing them howl that I didn’t write of at least two animals running in on us from behind seconds after the bull crashed, and leaving as fast as they came in from catching our scent.  I would be willing to bet the ranch it…

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Joey Nelson, First Woman Bowhunter of the Year

Joey Nelson had the hunting season of her life in 2008. An avid bowhunter with a passion for the hills she filled all her tags, along with her freezer, that fall.Nelson, of Bozeman, was already looking ahead to the 2009 hunting season when she broke her arm in a freak accident. She shattered the radial head in her right arm, dislocated her elbow and tore numerous ligaments.

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Wolf Management Controversy – MBA Position

As you are probably aware Judge Donald Molloy has handed down his decision to re-list the gray wolf as an endangered species. The MBA is very disappointed in this decision.  Aside from the fact that the 2010-2011 wolf season would have been the first season to incorporate an archery only opportunity, Judge Molloy’s decision once again takes the management of our wolf populations out of the hands of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Dept. and puts it back…

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Archery Season for Wolves

Fellow MBA Members, The Fish and Game Commissioners are currently considering an archery season for wolves that would run during the archery season while we are out there hunting elk and deer and would allow 20% of the wolf quota for any specific wolf unit to be taken with a bow. They are also considering increasing the wolf quotas to one of three choices – 153, 186, 216. The MBA is supporting the wolf archery season as well as…

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