Our archery season is still under threat! SB 111, introduced by Senator Brad Molnar SD-28 out of Laurel, was tables by House Representatives on the Human Services Committee. BUT... Senator Molnar is now trying to revive his bill by adding a late amendment which does nothing to fix the problems this bad bill fails to address. Let the Representatives that sit on the House Human Services Committee know that MBA is devoted to providing those with a disability, a legal means to pursue hunting with a modified bow and arrow during Montana’s treasured Archery-Only season. Go to mtba.org/take-action to sign the petition and message the committee on this important issue.


DATE: April 3-5th, 2020
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PRE-REGISTER (Before February 28th):
$30/Child (12 yrs and younger)

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$40/Child (12 yrs and younger)

Dinners will be served banquet style. Banquet attendees will have their choice Prime Rib or Chicken.

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