A big THANK YOU goes out to all the people who donated their time, talents, products and prizes to support the Montana Bow Hunters annual fund raising convention. We couldn’t do it without our generous volunteers, members, vendors and partners. - If you’re in Bozeman, MT please be sure to stop by Bob Wards and check out the display honoring longtime MBA member and bowhunter Lee Poole. - REMINDER: Mailing Labels Show Your Membership Renewal Date


DATES: 2020



PRE-REGISTER (Before February 28th):



$30/Child (12 yrs and younger)


GENERAL REGISTARTION (After February 28th):



$40/Child (12 yrs and younger)


Dinners will be served, not banquet style.  Banquet attendees will have their choice between 2 meals below:

Send check or money order to :

PO Box 23611
Billings, MT 59104

Click Here to Register Online