Matson’s Laboratory Wildlife Tooth Aging Seminar

Established in 1969, Matson’s Laboratory provides histological lab services to the wildlife community, including cementum age analysis. Located in Manhattan, MT, Matson’s preparation methodology has become a standard in wildlife age analysis for researchers and wildlife management authorities around the world. During this seminar, staff members from Matson’s Lab will explain and demonstrate their age analysis techniques.

Recruiting and Mentoring Women Into Hunting

MBA members Joelle Selk and Amy LePage will facilitate an open-format discussion on what attracts women to hunting and ensuring positive hunting experiences through mentoring. We are pleased to be joined by Brittany Brothers, Associate Producer with ZeroPointZero, and who has worked on Meat Eater with Steve Rinella. Brittany will present video interviews of women describing their hunting journeys and what drives women to pursue hunting.

Fostering Mule Deer Populations through Habitat Management
Dean Waltee, FWP Biologist and Barrett Haugan, #PROJECTMULEDEER

This seminar features footage from # PROJECTMULEDEER, IntoHighCountry’s latest species-specific video production. Their theme focuses on the importance of promoting habitat as a means to benefiting mule deer populations. Biologist Dean Waltee will present FWP’s ongoing mule deer studies which demonstrate the importance of specific habitats for mule deer. We’ll wrap up the discussion with a Q&A opportunity.