FWP Seeks Public Comment Regarding Lighted Nocks

We have just received the link for everyone to have their chance to voice their opinion on the lighted nocks. FWP and the Commissioners need to hear from us the Bowhunters. For five years we have tossed this issue back an forth, it has caused much tension among our membership. Now is not the time to sit back and let others carry out what you might want or don’t want. It is up to us to send out our message. So now let us all send our personal comments to the folks who make the final decisions on these issues. The ball is in our court for the next thirty days.

This link will get you to the FWP public comment survey: http://fwp.mt.gov/fishAndWildlife/publicComments/2017/useOfLightedNocks.html

Just a reminder that the Commission will act on this issue in the February meeting. There is also a place to comment on the turkey quotas for 2017 as well. I think they were for Reg. 3 HDS. The site will clarify what they are looking for.

Stay warm by being active, and active in the MBA. We have other issues that are coming our way soon. As these issues come to light I’ll try to keep you updated. If you need help in your regions let your Area Rep. know, so if we can help we’ll do the best we can.