Archery Season for Wolves

Fellow MBA Members,

The Fish and Game Commissioners are currently considering an archery season for wolves that would run during the archery season while we are out there hunting elk and deer and would allow 20% of the wolf quota for any specific wolf unit to be taken with a bow. They are also considering increasing the wolf quotas to one of three choices – 153, 186, 216. The MBA is supporting the wolf archery season as well as supporting the highest wolf quota of 216. The Commissioners need to hear it from you the bowhunters and sportsmen of Montana too.

Go to: to find out more about the specifics of the proposals.

Fish Wildlife and Parks is also holding statewide meetings to hear the public’s comments on the wolf season. I’ve attached the schedule so you can all get out to the meeting in your area and let them know what you think.

Its time to step up and be heard. Thanks for your continued support and involvement.

Steve Kamps – MBA Tentatives Chair