MBA Membership Drive

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Each new member joining the MBA from January 1st to September 1st 2014 will be entered into a drawing for a new bow! The winner will get to choose between a traditional 3-piece takedown longbow by Pronghorn Custom Bows or a G5 Prime Impact compound bow, donated by Cookie Koch. This is the most exciting prize we’ve had for new members in a long time! Tell everyone you know that a $25 membership will get them in the drawing for an amazing bow and help the organization that gets them their amazing archery season.

Active members have not been left out of this contest! Current members will be given a $1 credit to use on MBA merchandise for each new member they sign up and they will be placed in a drawing for a Helle knife donated by Joelle Selk. Participating members need to keep track of how many members they bring in and submit this to Jenn Schneider, our treasurer, in order to use the credit for merchandise. Members are encouraged to sign up youth members; however, these memberships only count towards entry into the knife drawing, not towards the MBA merchandise credit. We’ve posted a tracking sheet on the website to make it easy to submit the member information which you’ve gathered.

We’ve posted a “new member toolkit” on the website which you can use to familiarize prospective members with the MBA’s work to preserve and promote archery opportunity throughout the past 40 years. The toolkit includes our Track Record of Accomplishments, a membership application, and a letter welcoming them to the organization.

Good luck to all – we’ll see you at the convention!

Contact Joelle Selk at 406-422-6798 or Jenn Schneider at 406-697-7668 with questions.

New Member Toolkit