Our archery season is still under threat! SB 111, introduced by Senator Brad Molnar SD-28 out of Laurel, was tables by House Representatives on the Human Services Committee. BUT... Senator Molnar is now trying to revive his bill by adding a late amendment which does nothing to fix the problems this bad bill fails to address. Let the Representatives that sit on the House Human Services Committee know that MBA is devoted to providing those with a disability, a legal means to pursue hunting with a modified bow and arrow during Montana’s treasured Archery-Only season. Go to mtba.org/take-action to sign the petition and message the committee on this important issue.

Bowhunter Education

Find a class

To see when and where a class is being offered in your area, view the course schedule on the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) Web page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact FWP regional offices directly.

Online bowhunter education course

Today’s Bowhunter is the official online bowhunter education course of FWP and the National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF). Montana honors proof of completion of an online bowhunter education course issued by another state or province.

Begin your bowhunter education certification by studying at home on your computer. Upon successful completion of the online bowhunter education course (which is confirmed by taking an exam online) you will be issued a Field Day Qualifier Certificate. This Field Day Qualifier Certificate is necessary to obtain entrance into the final portion of your bowhunter education course, which takes place with certified Montana instructors in the field. After completing the field day portion, you will then receive your official proof of course completion.

Field Day information

If you are taking the online bowhunter education course for adults, you must register for a Field Day ahead of time, in person, at the registration location indicated. Field days are set up specifically for participants of the online home study program. If you are interested in a regular classroom course, please check the availability in your area.