Calling all TEEN BOWHUNTERS age 13-17!!!!
It’s almost time for camp! June 20th-23rd 2024!!

The mission for Teen Bowhunters Camp is to provide a hands on adventure engaging Montana teens in the outdoors while sharing information and experiences to help them become great stewards for the sportsman’s community to be successful bowhunters.

Hunting camp has many varied traditions, expectations, and responsibilities. Our goal is to simulate the hunting camp experience from beginning to end. The attendees are responsible for set up and take down of camp, prepare meals in teams, camp clean up and chores. They will get to scout for their quarry, practice shot placement, learn calling techniques, among with other skills and lessons.

Goals for Teen Bowhunters Camp:

  1. Bowhunting is AWESOME! Have Fun!
  2. Promote positive Landowner/Hunter Relations. Block Management and private property laws, regulations, and ethics.
  3. Ownership and responsibilities with your Hunting Camp, Set-up/take-down, food prep, Leave No Trace, Be Bear Aware.
  4. Responsible Bowhunting and Bow Safety and the importance of proper equipment, practice, practice, practice.
  5. Know your prey, Scouting, habitat use and animal behavior.
  6. Woodsmanship and survival water safety, fire building, shelters, basic first aid, maps
  7. Advanced tree stand setup
  8. Promote MBA Membership and Partnerships
  9. Animal Harvest and Retrieval Blood Trailing, field dressing, Proper meat care.


At Teen Bowhunters Camp the campers will be divided into 5-6 groups. Each group is assigned a “Guide” an adult in-charge of them for the duration of camp. Each group will have a team name. The name will come from a Legendary Archer or someone who has helped our great sport from the beginning of time such as Howard Hill, Fred Bear, Babe Bitzenburger, and so on. This is a physically active hands-on camp for both campers and guides. There is no other camp like this!

We bring in a local game warden, biologist, and block management leader to come and talk with the campers about many things. Proper validation of tags, laws, biology and how to build good relations.

Every evening of camp we gather around the camp fire and share stories from the day of what we learned, what we want to learn, and of course hunting stories!!

There is a 3-D course set up that the teams shoot daily. But it is never the same twice.

Saturday morning and afternoon each team will go on a simulated elk hunt. The guide will elk call to the “ELK” a volunteer and the will hunt their way to the life size 3-D elk hid up on the mountain. The guide will set up each camper for a shot. Once each camper has shot, the guide will go over shot placement and how long to wait before the blood trailing starts. They will then blood trail to a “dead elk”. Once they have validated their tags each team member will be shown how to load their pack with quarters and the antlers to pack out all the way back to camp.

Saturday evening is the WILD GAME FEED! We bring all kinds of wild game prepared in a variety of ways for the campers to try. We invite the land owners, volunteers, game warden, biologists and special guests to join us in the feed.

Sunday morning we wake up eat breakfast and then we dedicate half the day doing a work day for the land owner. Whether we are pulling fence, cleaning brush, picking up garbage we all work. We encourage MBA members to come and join us along with the other groups that pitch in for workday. The second half of the day is spent breaking down camp and cleaning up. We encourage MBA members to come and volunteer at camp.

Camp Fees are $250.00 per camper. Registration deadline is June 1st. Scholarships available.

Each year we put together bags for the campers full of items that will help them while they are out in the field. We try and get donations for the items needed. We also try and get sponsorships for each child to come to camp along with fuel cards for parents in need. We do not want kids to miss camp.

Here is a list of items we are looking for this year:

  • Water Bottles
  • Pocket notebook and pencils
  • Elk Calls
  • Life Straws or water purification systems/ tablets
  • Draw string bags
  • Fire Starter
  • Headlamps/ flash lights
  • Predator calls
  • Sponsorships
  • Donations for camp expenses like food, drinks, porotopodites, etc.…
  • Compasses
  • multi-tools/ pocketknives
  • Lighters
  • Duct Tape
  • Safety Blankets
  • Ponchos

We need 30 of everything donated. So that each camper has his/her own bag of camp supplies.

For registration packets for campers, sponsorships and donations, please reach out to :

Beckie Doyle 406-531-4060
Marlon Chlapham 406-777-2408
Jackie Weidow 406-247-3716

We are very excited about this year camp! We look forward to meeting all the campers!

Jackie Weidow- 406 274 3716
Teen Bowhunters Camp