Youth Conservation & Education Expo

WHEN: Saturday, May 13, 2017
WHERE: Teller Wildlife Refuge’s Slack Barn, 1180 Chaffin Lane, Corvallis 10 am – 3 pm


Our Mission:
To provide an interactive outdoor experience that engages our youth in safe, responsible and fun outdoor and wildlife-related conservation and recreational activities.
Planning: What is required from my organization?

Hosting a Booth
Any organization whose focus is conservation, wildlife, or outdoor recreation may participate by hosting a booth unless they are politically or religiously affiliated. You are strongly encouraged to have an educational or recreational activity at your booth related to your organization, but you may simply have an informational booth about your organization. The activity must not be political or religious in nature.

A representative from each organization is strongly encouraged to attend each Expo meeting (there are about 4 total including a post-event wrap-up meeting). Important information is discussed and decided at each meeting and we encourage everyone’s input. Attendance at the meetings saves the organizers a lot of time answering the same questions outside of the meetings, and ensures that every organization is informed about the event.

Most of the organizations involved donate funds to support the costs of putting on the event and to underwrite the costs of sending approximately 95 youth to outdoor-themed summer camps across the state. The number of kids and camps vary from year to year. In order for a youth to receive a summer camp scholarship, they must visit at least 12 of the booths at the Expo (please sign off on the registration form if they attended your booth). The youth can then select which summer camp they are interested in attending by putting their name in that camp’s drawing at the Registration table. The winners will be randomly drawn at the end of the Expo event. Contact Lauren for more information about the individual camps, the organization sponsorship list, or a budget breakdown.

Most of the groups also give away a prize (or prizes) at their individual booths. Each organization is responsible for how their winner(s) is chosen. This is a great way to collect names for your contact lists. You may have the Master of Ceremonies draw your winner at any time throughout the day or you can do it yourselves during or after the event.

All groups are expected to promote the Expo to their organization’s constituents by sharing the promotional flyer, brochure, website, Facebook Event page, press release, etc. These will be provided to you.
Certificate of Liability Insurance
If your booth activity could be considered potentially dangerous, your organization must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance every year with Teller Wildlife Refuge named as an additional insured. Teller must receive the form PRIOR to the event in order for the organization to be able to participate at the Expo.

Day of Event:

Set Up
The Expo booths are located inside and outside the Slack Barn (you may choose where you would like to be). There is not much room inside the Barn, so the majority of the booths are outside. If you are outside, you may want to consider a canopy tent as the Expo will proceed rain or shine. You must supply your own tables and chairs. Many of the organizations have bottled water on-hand to pass out to guests. If you need electrical power, please make arrangements with Lauren at least one week ahead of time. Your booth needs to be set up and ready to go by 9:30 am the day of the event to avoid any accidents while guests arrive. Please do not allow any guests to perform your booth activity until AFTER the opening ceremony.

Clean Up
Please do not break down your booth until 2:45 pm or after. We advertise that the event ends at 3 pm and we often have last-minute guests. Please make sure to pick up any trash in your area.

Questions? Contact Tom Powers (Wild Sheep Foundation) at (406) 531-4224, Jon Miller (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation) at (406) 545-5995 or Lauren Rennaker (Teller Wildlife Refuge) at (406) 961-3507.